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Cannabis SEO

With the marijuana industry gaining legitimacy, growers, CBD companies, and marijuana dispensaries are wondering how to make a name for themselves. Now that weed is being legalized across the country, these businesses are realizing what they need to focus on to stand apart from the competition: marijuana SEO.

SEO and the Cannabis Industry

Marijuana SEO agency is the smart and cost-effective way to advertise cannabis businesses. As online businesses are having more success than ever, marijuana companies (both in-person and online) are starting to catch on to the importance of SEO (search engine optimization).

Due to to the fact that cannabis isn’t completely legalized in every state, it is likely that traditional methods for advertising aren’t an option for most cannabis companies. For this reason, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and promote your business with content crafted for search engine optimization.

1. Understanding the Importance of SEO

SEO is essential for businesses that hope to appear on the first page of Google and similar search engines. Potential customers search with keywords like “buy cbd online” or “dispensary near me”, hoping to be connected with a local business that will meet their needs. By investing in SEO and cannabis SEO link building strategies, you will make sure you appear in these searches.

SEO is so important for businesses in the marijuana industry because:

  • Pay Per Click Ads are Illegal: Current laws prevent any cannabis related businesses from using Google AdWords for their company. While AdWords helps to connect local businesses with buyers, due to the legal issues surrounding marijuana, growers and dispensaries have to find other alternatives.
  • Dispensaries Aren’t Automatically Listed on Google: Most people generally choose one of the first few results that pop up in a search when they are looking for a business near them. While this would be an excellent option for your local company, Google Maps won’t automatically list these businesses. With content designed for SEO, businesses will be able to guarantee that they are listed in a search for local businesses and with our marijuana link building services.

2. Creating Marijuana SEO Content

When creating content for SEO, marijuana related businesses will find that not all keywords have the same results. In order to create the most effective content, businesses have to invest in keyword research. With a marketing company that is well-versed in developing content for marijuana SEO, businesses will be able to rank higher in search engines.

This will ensure that you stand out from all the other companies in your area. Moreover, it will help potential customers find your business as you will be ranked above your competitors.

3. Pairing SEO with Social Media

In addition to focusing your efforts on SEO, you should also spend time creating a social media strategy. When paired with marijuana SEO, your social media strategies will help to promote your company to an even larger audience.

Just as having a website with targeted content is important, your social media presence will allow more users to find and follow you. Growing a following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will make it easier to stay in contact with customers and potential clients in a way that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

As you create content and connect with followers, be sure to share your location. This will make it easy for prospective clients to find you. Similarly, if clients have had a positive experience after visiting your business, they’ll likely want to tag your page and give you a shoutout. This will easily translate into new customers and followers for your business.

While you may rely on referrals and walk-ins to make a profit, in this competitive industry, you need to do all that you can to make sales. Using SEO and social media will help your cannabis company stay on top while bringing in more business.